The Collection

What is the collection? How about– Why is there a collection? I would not call this a portfolio, but rather a visual representation of what I would like to be remembered for. I was talking to my 12 year last week about what we leave behind. Those with children likely think about leaving behind teachings and philosophies, but my daughter and I  talked about what you leave behind as the output of a job or profession; about finding something physical that you can leave behind. For everyone that is something different. Accountants, teachers, CEOs, artists– most of us think about a way in which we can leave a mark, either big or small. One of the things I hope to leave behind is a collection of snapshots of moments; a collection of visual representations of people whom I have interacted with thru the lens. These are some of my favorite pictures that I have shot over the years. They are not necessarily my clients’ favorites, but my favorites. In these images, I was able to capture what I wanted to, and that brings me great joy. While I am not finished adding images, if my time came today, I would hope that this is one aspect of my life that people would remember: The collection.


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