Weinstein Wedding B&W’s

What a joyous, fun, loving and amazing day! Congratulations Jordan and Chelsea! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day. May you have many years of laughter and joy. Keep the smiles coming. Matt

Seniors of the past

Again, blogging is a great way for me to update material onto the new site. This collection should give some ideas of the scope of pictures that have been done, from Virginia, to Annapolis, to the beaches of Delaware and Maryland. If you can think of an awesome backdrop, we can take pictures at that location. Matt

Wimsatt Family Photos 2017

It snowed the night before the family pictures in late spring but just added to the family shoot. Here are a few family pictures from Nicole and her family.

Some of the Gentleman of Jiu Jitsu 2017

Through the winter of 2016-2017 to keep busy I wanted to do some very quick, fast and fun pictures using natural and strobe lighting inside and out of the studio. I also wanted to showcase how important it is to dress up for pictures. It is not necessary to spend a million dollars on your attire, but something nice makes a world of difference. So I gathered some of the guys that I train with in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), who for the most part are usually wearing a gi (pajamas, lol) or no gi and made them go outside of their usual comfort zone. No session took longer then 30 minutes and it was a great winter project to keep me occupied. Thank You for everyone that participated.


Graduating High School Seniors of 2017

Since the new website launched in June of 2017 collections of pictures are being uploading so there is enough content for new and old clients. This is a nice collection of the most recent graduating seniors of 2017. The shoots span from upper state New York, to Westmintser, Md to Frederick, MD. Each received a full shoot with up to 20 pictures and a unique site location from their session.


Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah 2017

The new website launched in June of 2017. To repopulate, blogs shall have gallery content that may be up to a year old until there is enough of my portfolio on line for new and old clients. This is just a sample from his event.


Seniors 2018

Looking for a photographer for you child who is graduating in 2018. Look no further. Sessions are filling up fast for the summer and the fall. Matt


Nick and Christy’s Wedding 2017

Wedding albums are massive so I like to only post a few and this is still a lot. What a great day with Nick and Christy. We love you guys and hope for a lifetime of adventure and happiness.