Class of 2018: Patrick

The last senior session of the year. Have a great year Patrick and thank you Larkins!

Family: Tolle Twins

Had a great time capturing Morgan and Wesley entering into their 6th grade year. Thank You, Tanya. I shall you at other life time events. 🙂


Class of 2018: Addi

Had a great day running around Maryland with Addi. Have an amazing year and enjoy your memories with friends. Matt

Stewart Wedding B&W’s

Congratulations Nicole and Jordan! What a beautiful event for an amazing couple. Thank you for having me be part of your wedding day. It was money and the cake was magnificent! Lots of Love, Matt.

Jonah’s Bar Mitzvah 2017

Congratulations to Jonah and the Waxman family. Friends and family came in from all over the state, country and world for Jonah’s big day. Thank you, Melanie and Richard, for having me capture such a big moment in a young man’s life. It was a beautiful ceremony and spectacular event. Mazel Tov!  Matt

Class of 2018: Hannah

Hannah killed her basketball Spaulding by throwing it into the Baltimore Harbor. Not very nice Hannah! Hannah was amazing downtown at the Canton Water Park and I a hoping for her to have one last amazing year at high school Best of luck, Matt

Class of 2018: Lexi

I had a great time photographing in Old Ellicot City with Lexi. Lexi was fabulous to photograph and the kid just could not stop smiling. It is a great pleasure to see people smile so easy and natural. Lexi is going to have a great last year and is heading off to college when she finishes high school. Mom, is hoping she stays local. My money is on South Carolina! Thank you Lexi. Best of Luck. Matt

Doers Wedding July 2017

Another great time in the books. Congratulations Jenn and JT. What a wonderful event full of friends, family and fun. Keep doing Doers. Lots of Love, Matt

Santa Monica with Maddy during the June Gloom.

So I traveled to California and had a opportunity to photograph my friend Holly’s daughter while I was out there at the famous Santa Monica Pier. Maddy was a great sport and I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures on the west coast. I did hit a time that they called the “June Gloom”, it sounds kind of like what we have in April/May in Maryland, a bit over cast and not a ton of sun, but again it was an amazing time and a huge thanks to Maddy and Holly.



Dancing with photography: a retrospective

Here is a quick collection of photographs taken of dancers over the past years. Motion photography is so much fun, but takes an infinite amount of patience and repetition. Caitlyn, Molly and Christy were amazing at listening, practicing their art, and allowing me to say the most popular catch phrase of the day: “Again.”