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Black and White

Black and white is meant to enhance a mood, a room, elegance. Even when the light is perfect in color, it sometimes to better to switch it. Eden hit all three due to the location, the style and the personality!

And like that the summer of 2020 ended, Thank God!

Water, water, everywhere, summer came and went like the blink of an eye. Thank you ladies for coming out and having some fun! Enjoy your fall adventures and be safe!

Larkin Family 2020!

Where were you in 2020? Who cares, the family Larkin doing what they do every few years and updating the family album. How do kids get to be so big so fast? What a great family! Truly some of the kindest people I have… Continue Reading “Larkin Family 2020!”

A little taste of SoCal in Nova with Ashburn Wine Shop

Restore yourself at Restore Therapy Spa

During the fun filled event of 2020, I had the opportunity to help Ann and her staff at Restore Therapy Spa update their library of images for social media and their website. What a beautiful space and amazing staff. Thank You Ann and everyone… Continue Reading “Restore yourself at Restore Therapy Spa”

Seniors of 2020

Congratulations on graduating! It may not have ended the way you have wanted but with the end of every chapter a new one shall begin. You shall enjoy your summer, your friends and start an amazing new life in the fall. Thank you for… Continue Reading “Seniors of 2020”

Black,White and the warehouse, Oh my!

I am soooo behind on updates. I have always seen and loved loft photography out of the New York, L.A and other cities and have always wanted to shoot in something similar. So I finally rented the upstairs of graffiti ware house to have… Continue Reading “Black,White and the warehouse, Oh my!”

A Beach, A Beauty and A Beast

You figure out which label applies to whom. I had a great time with friends in Southern California in December. Brought out my second camera, a Canon 5d mark iv with a small speed lite during the sunset to play while on the beaches… Continue Reading “A Beach, A Beauty and A Beast”

End of 2018: Barns, Babies and a Bar Mitzvah

I finished out the end of 2018 with some great families trusting me to take pictures of ¬†everything from Seniors, new family members and a beautiful coming of age celebration. Thank you everyone for you support and allowing me to be part of your… Continue Reading “End of 2018: Barns, Babies and a Bar Mitzvah”

WSC Series Part 3: For every problem, there is a solution, and it is not Windex, it is weights!

“Beau, I can’t lift a bag of mulch, what should I do?” “Lift some weights.” “Beau, I just had shoulder re-attachment surgery, what should I do?” “Lift some weights.” “Beau, my back always hurts, what should I do?” “Lift some weights.” “Beau, my car… Continue Reading “WSC Series Part 3: For every problem, there is a solution, and it is not Windex, it is weights!”