Matthew’s unique style is the culmination of a lifetime of fascination with visual representation. The first camera that Matthew ever held belonged to a childhood friend who received a camera for Christmas he wasn’t terribly interested in. As soon as Matthew started shooting his young, rural Maryland life on that borrowed, early 80s, film camera it was clear that he was hooked. In tandem, from an early age Matthew was fascinated by movies and many Sundays were spent watching “spaghetti westerns” and other classics on television and deconstructing how the films were shot and made.AT7V4227
This love of image and creating image remained with Matthew and shaped his academic and professional life. Matthew received a degree in mass communications with a concentration in film from Towson University. In his early professional life, Matthew spent time developing web sites and started down the computer science path until his then fiancée pointed out that he wasn’t really “a computer person” so much as an artist. Matthew then opened and ran his own construction business (new construction as well as renovation and restoration) because he wanted to physically build things. After years of walking into spaces and seeing possibilities that no one else could see and making the vision come to fruition– and with the encouragement of his now wife– Matthew decided to return to his roots in photography and videography. In truth, time spent in the computer and the construction industries both tapped into Matthew’s incredible visual IMG_4347aimagination and ability to create.
For the past five years, Matthew has been focused solely upon photography and videography. He has tremendous range and has worked with corporations, universities, and individuals; shooting everything from small business promotional videos to photographs of a lovely young equestrienne and her horse for a magazine to weddings and everything in between. He loves photographing people against interesting, textured backgrounds. He has spent a great amount of time in disciplined study of the use of camera lights to enable him to capture sharp, pristine, un-shadowed photos that are saturated with color at any time of the day. Those who know Matthew also know that he is full of personality and deeply social. He develops rapport quickly, and makes subjects feel comfortable and laugh more easily. You can see it in the photos that he produces: He has a way of unobtrusively and perfectly capturing who his subjects really are. Matthew’s photos have a look that is all their own. He is not interested in turning his subjects into art objects but in uncovering the core nature of his subjects and putting it on beautiful display.AT7V6848
When Matthew is not being a photographer and videographer, he is working with his wife to raise two wonderful children. He coached lacrosse for years and is now a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) instructor. Matthew and his children practice BJJ. Matthew played guitar in a band for years and still plays and writes music. Matthew still watches lots of movies. He also (all too) frequently uses his strong renovation skills on their 1946 Cape Cod home that is a scant mile away from his elementary school home and the borrowed camera where it all began.