WSC Series Part 2: Cackles, Children, Coaches, Cessation (aka “the pause”), and a Canine

The story continues… with smiles, laughs, reflection, family, and a bear of a dog.

Now, we pause for a station identification (for those of you who are old enough to remember what that is!). Originally, I wanted to capture all facets of the gym beyond the “9-ish” wave: the 5 a.m.’ers (but who am I kidding, getting up that early is definitely going to get in the way of my lifestyle); the afternoon crew; the evening people; the middle-school lifters and the school sports teams that train at WSC. But summer came, and my kids got out of school, and the beaches called my name.

We will return to these programs for pictures in the winter.

No matter what time you come in, though, and no matter who you are, it is guaranteed that you will see more smiles and laughter at WSC than in any other gym. The atmosphere is one of dedication, hard work, and resilience, but it is also comfortable and somehow calming. There are gatherings, parties, special events, charity functions, and — so help me God Almighty– I have seen pictures of people eating cake while working out supported, I suppose, by the motto: “If you want cake, work harder and eat that cake.”

Maybe it is the kids running around on a concrete floor, lifting with moms and dads and pushing the sled, or the Bryant’s dog, Stella, chilling (literally) under your feet and signalling you to slow down and take it easy in between heavy lifts that make it feel more like a home than a gym. Maybe it is because the people at WSC have a goal and a sense of purpose, a desire to be better than they were the day before one lift at a time.


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