2018 Winter Project: Hats and Hair and Sweaters and freezing temperatures, Oh my!!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone that came out and sat for me for this fun-filled, freezing project. Was it cold?

adjective: cold; comparative adjective: colder; superlative adjective: coldest
  1. of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.
    “a freezing cold day”

Thank you Molly, Gailynn, Brianna, Erica, and Kenzie for returning to let me photograph you again and thank you first timers, Stephanie, Rebecca, and Abby for taking a chance and believing in my insane ideas.

I love the collection and had a fabulous time.

Now that the formalities are out of the way…


When it is really, really cold out, how do you shoot? Simple answer: Dress like we live in Maine, stop your crying and let’s roll. The best temperature over 10 days was 45 degrees. It also snowed one day and for two of the shoot days the temps in the sun were 11 and 12 degrees with -2 and -4 degree wind chills. It was fingers falling off from holding the camera freezing — and yet we prevailed.

adjective: frigid
  1. very cold in temperature.
    synonyms: very cold, bitterly cold, bitter, freezing, frozen, frosty, icy, gelid, chilly, chill, wintry, bleak, subzero, arctic, Siberian, bone-chilling, polar, glacial, hypothermic; informal nippy

    “a frigid January night”

Keep in mind this is not a boutique set up. Everyone did their own hair and make-up; they brought their own clothes; and the results for run-and-gun sessions (in the spirit of last year’s Gentleman of Jiu Jitsu sessions) are unreal. Seriously, look at the pictures…

Where are you going with this?

Enjoy the pictures and take a look at the website. I think that you will agree that the quality of these photos is right up there with pricier photographers. You can see my education in film and the caliber of my equipment in the results.

If I can do this in Antarctica-type temperatures, imagine what can be done when you are not freezing to death! 🙂 Give us a like on Facebook or a follow on Instagram.

Have a great 2018!


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