Month: September 2017

Class of 2018: Hannah

Hannah killed her basketball Spaulding by throwing it into the Baltimore Harbor. Not very nice Hannah! Hannah was amazing downtown at the Canton Water Park and I a hoping for her to have one last amazing year at high school Best of luck, Matt

Class of 2018: Lexi

I had a great time photographing in Old Ellicot City with Lexi. Lexi was fabulous to photograph and the kid just could not stop smiling. It is a great pleasure to see people smile so easy and natural. Lexi is going to have a… Continue Reading “Class of 2018: Lexi”

Doers Wedding July 2017

Another great time in the books. Congratulations Jenn and JT. What a wonderful event full of friends, family and fun. Keep doing Doers. Lots of Love, Matt